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Donation in Paul’s name

I made an $18.18 donation in Paul’s name with my registration for the Madison Marathon to myTEAM TRIUMPH. They provide specialized race equipment, facilitate training runs and lend race day support so people of diverse abilities can come together as… Read more “Donation in Paul’s name”


Thank you!

A sincere THANK YOU goes out to the stranger that presented me with a gift card at North and South in Verona. Paul’s kindness campaign marches on!


Happy birthday to sweet Paul!

The kids and I did a giving tee in his honor.


Happy Birthday Paul

Today’s act of kindness was to invite a young person with no family to Christmas and there will be a present under the tree for them.


Happy birthday, Paul.

 I packed up 12 bags of socks, snacks, juice, and dollars to hand out at stoplights. In your name.


5th grade Bazaar

Mason went shopping at the 5th grade Bazaar yesterday. He told me what he bought and said he had some extra money so he went and bought from kids that he said “were not getting much business” Thought of Paul… Read more “5th grade Bazaar”

Kelly Strutt

We celebrated 2 parties tonight.

We were in Verona celebrating a dear friends birthday with her parents and 2 boys. A stranger handed my husband a gift card and walked off. We looked up Paul’s party, and we celebrated 2 birthdays tonight. What an awesome… Read more “We celebrated 2 parties tonight.”

Paul’s birthday party

Hanging with a Vet

I was flying through Target trying to grab what I needed and thinking about all I had to do. There was a man sitting on the ground. I walked by and it took a second to realize what I saw.… Read more “Hanging with a Vet”


Helping a neighbor get through a hard time

We have a neighbor down the street who is the mother to five teenage boys. She is a small business owner with her husband and is one of the hardest working and most positive people I know. A few weeks… Read more “Helping a neighbor get through a hard time”

Vanessa Beardsley

Boxes of Paulie love

It’s Paul’s birthday today so I sent a box of birthday goodies to two women who were very important to Paul and to two women to whom Paul has become very important.

Paul's Mom

School Janitor had surgery

Our wonderful school janitor had surgery, and so we have 1 guy working the whole school. Been noticing a ton of garbage on playground, so today when I took out my preschool students, I swept up and disposed of garbage.… Read more “School Janitor had surgery”

Secret Helper

Act of Kindness

Danny & I delivered homemade christmas treats to our local fire & police depts as well as ROTC for all they do for our Madison community!

Meetra Nahavandi

I helped my Mom

I washed the mold off the side of mom/mother-in-law’s house, since she isn’t able to do it.


Irritating Neighbors

We have some irritating neighbors. I have long plotted how to get rid of them but don’t want to go to prison lol. But decided instead I would leave a small gift at their doorstep every day for the month… Read more “Irritating Neighbors”

Free furniture!

I was in a really low place and couldn’t afford much of anything. Someone gave me a large entertainment center and a few other pieces of furniture and wouldn’t take any money for them. They said to pay the kindness… Read more “Free furniture!”

Giving Tree

I took three names off the giving tree in Paul’s memory.



I bought a meal for the homeless shelter at the grocery store today.


Lunch kindness

Today I bought a pregnant woman lunch. She looked like she was having a tough day, so I offered to buy her lunch. It made us both smile.