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Helping a neighbor get through a hard time

We have a neighbor down the street who is the mother to five teenage boys. She is a small business owner with her husband and is one of the hardest working and most positive people I know. A few weeks ago she began suffering from headaches and, after several trips to the emergency room, it was determined that she has a blood clot in her brain. She has been hospitalized ever since, terrified that this clot might end her life like it did her brother’s when she was a teenager. Teenagers don’t stop getting hungry when their mom isn’t around to cook meals for them. And worrying about your children being taken care of doesn’t stop just because you’ve got bigger things to worry about. Our family chose to spend our charitable money this holiday season on purchasing them a gift certificate to our favorite local pizza place. I only hope that $100 can feed five hungry teenage boys and their dad! At first I thought about cooking them a homemade meal, but quickly determined that volume cooking was out of my skill set. I’m hoping that at least for one evening they can forget their troubles, share some pizza and be together. Teenage boys and their moms have a special bond…we are happy to do this in Paul’s memory and in honor of his own awesome mother. Happy Golden Birthday, Paul!